When I began the implementation of myIGDIs a few years ago, little did I know the true impact it would have.

As I collected student data throughout the year, each touch point directed and sometimes redirected my instruction in a slightly different manner.  It enabled me to understand my students a little more each time as individual learners.

The initial assessment gave me tremendous insight into the foundation my students possessed when they joined me.  The information was clearly color coded at the end of each section of the assessment, so I could begin my work immediately to propel the learners to strengthen their foundations.  It also enabled me to create small groups and individual lessons with a focused goal to meet the reading and processing needs of my learners.

The mid-year pulse check gave me another visual as to how much growth they had made.  The color coding of the myIGDIs report was easy for me to understand, and more importantly, very clear for my parents.  The colors explained the students’ level of understanding in each portion of the assessment and was helpful when presenting to the parents.  Additionally, it aided the parents/guardians whose first language wasn’t English because the colors held a universal meaning (green, yellow, red).

Since almost half of my class was English Language Learners whose knowledge of their first language was weak, I had to encourage their parents to read and speak to them in their first language at home.  This gave the parents a tremendous sense of importance.  They could still help their child even though they may not be fluent in English.  Through these conversations about myIGDIs, I saw an improvement in their English language.  The strengthening of their first language assisted the students in building their understanding of the English language.

The final assessment demonstrated how much the students had progressed during the year. The parents were not only appreciative, they felt a greater sense of importance to read and converse with their children at home.  They were empowered with strategies to use at home with their children.

Little did I know the true impact I would have.